Catholic Vitamin A Acceptance

QO0A7171Meet the (joyous, loving, dedicated, etc.) CARMELITE SISTERS OF THE MOST SACRED HEART OF LOS ANGELES. A long title but a wonderful order of nuns with three main charisms: Education, Healthcare and Retreats. Our special guest visit is with Sr. Marie Suzanne – an L. A. area person from birth. She was raised in a good Catholic family, schooled by the Carmelite Sisters – it didn’t seem a big step for her to join this marvelous order. Sr. Marie Suzanne now works in health care after gaining her nursing degree at Franciscan University. BUT… but, Sr. Marie is also one of the beautiful voices on their new CD called LEAN INTO THE WIND. We feature segments from three of their songs on this week’s show.

To find out more about this great order of prayerful nuns, go to:

And to go directly to the site for their new CD of songs by the sisters, go to

Mother’s Day blessings to all of our mothers, living and deceased. Thank you for the gifts of love and faith that you shared with us.

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