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NICOLE ABISINIO was standing on the famous red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. She’s a rising star… a hot commodity as an actress and a movie producer. At that moment as she looked out at all those people ‘behind the fence’ — Nicole realized she had never been more empty in all her life.

But how can this be? She’s acted in popular movies with co-stars such as Bill Murray, Jessica Lang, Sharon Stone and many others. But when this hot commodity looked in a mirror, she discovered there was no one looking back at her.

Listen to this episode of Catholic Vitamin A and journey with Nicole from childhood and an abusive father, to going to college at age 16… graduating summa cum laude and entering the world of high finance while acting.

Like the famous story of the Prodigal Son – this beautiful daughter saw that she was more and more involved in the sickness and the evil of self exhibition, self-promotion and back-stabbing. Nicole realized she was invited to come home to the Father, and she’s now heavily involved in (www.) GABRIEL’S MESSENGER MINISTRIES (dot com)

Gabriel’s Messenger Ministries exists to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to adults, with an emphasis on ages 18-35. The folks are dedicated to evangelizing and freeing spiritual captives, and to equip others to do the same. They are one of the only ministries in the U.S. focusing on evangelization efforts for this age range, a group often forgotten yet greatly needing Godly content to help them in their journey with Jesus Christ. We provide practical tools to help these young adults draw closer to God and live powerful lives in Christ, with specific focus on Identity in Christ and healing from strongholds and bondages.

If you’d like to reach out to Nicole or just to see what it would take to bring a powerful event to your parish or conference, visit the GMM website.

We also play some music by Brian Flynn of MercySong Ministries – a previous guest on Catholic Vitamins – a highly talented singer and musician who uses his gifts to promote love of Christ and His Church.

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