Catholic Vitamin A Adoption

Maria Hidalgo DolanThis show is probably not what you might think given the vitamin title, ADOPTION. Our guest is MARIA HIDALGO DOLAN, ESQ. In addition to roles as excited Catholic faith revert, and wife and mother, Maria is going to be one of our media representatives at the World Meeting of Families and the Synod of Bishops meeting in Philadelphia this fall.

Maria is a lovely woman who admits to leaving her Catholic Faith during her college years. But she joyously rediscovered the beauty of our Church and over the course of the interview, she shares how her marriage was reborn (sort of a different form of revert story), and how she came to be considered for her role as media rep during the fall meetings in PA.

Let us adopt our bishops, priests, nuns,  Maria  and all who will be involved in serving the Church in this wonderful meeting with Holy Father Francis.

Continued blessings for our listeners in reflections by CV correspondents Marianna Bartholomew and Sonja Corbitt.

Good stuff, Maynard!! 🙂


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