Catholic Vitamin A Adytum Part 2

UnknownDICK JENKINS, Gen’l Mgr of the Immaculate Heart Radio Network rejoins us for Part Two of his journey from Bible-loving, Bible knowledgable Protestant to on-fire Catholic and an on-fire Catholic radio network. We covered lots of ground with Dick during our two times together. He’s been a world-traveled, highly respected radio consultant, especially for Christian stations. His old friend Doug Sherman (President/CEO of IH Radio) hired Dick to do some consulting – and the results and growth of the IH Network are astounding. ┬áThe unexpected aspect of being at IH Radio was that Dick came in contact with and received books/material from Patrick Madrid, Carl Keating and a number of other Catholics. Funny story: Dick’s family did an ‘intervention’ on him to get him to stap his plans for becoming Catholic. Join us on this CV Podcast.

What’s an ADYTUM? Check out this show or last week’s introduction of this ‘vitamin.’

On this show, we also promoted Abby Johnson‘s new book THE WALLS ARE TALKING. It’s about former Planned Parenthood workers, some at pretty high levels who have left and are now very much pro-life. This book narrates the life-altering, life-changing experiences of these former PP workers. It’s a difficult book to read but one that is necessary to read if you are or want to become more pro-life and if you want to know the kinds of evil going on at these abortion clinics.

Deacon Tom played some music by the lovely Marie Bellet from her album EVERYTHING CHANGES…. and a song from Russ Rentler‘s album WAY TO EMMAUS. ┬áPlease support our music greats who have given us permission to play their music on Catholic Vitamins.

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