Catholic Vitamin A Awareness

Katie Reading w EffectRemember the old TV show What’s My Line?” The guest always signed in and the blind-folded panelists had to guess who the mystery person was. The lovely, charming and on-fire lady you see in this image is our mystery guest. Well, mystery for about 1/2 the interview. And then you’ll know who she is. You’ll know when/where she had a strong intensification of her trust and relationship with Jesus. You’ll find out all that she’s doing. Which is by way of saying, “Does she ever sleep?” Okay – we’ll give you a little hint to get this started. You can find her website and her writings and her reflections here:

Take another guess? You can find her at another web address where she does work for a well-known family member. This clue is

We were so taken by her witness and enthusiasm, we made outreach before we knew of her roots and faith journey. We know you’ll love hearing our time with Katie……

But – we don’t just take your money and have one guest. No way. We have the wonderful Missionary Moments brought to you by our equally on-fire journalist, Marianna  Marianna BartholomewBartholomew. A former editor for the Catholic Extension organization, Marianna has visited and reported upon the missionary activities of the Church throughout the cold, lonely and not-quite forgotten outreaches of the Catholic faith in the U. S. Today’s piece by Marianna is another invitation to AWAREness… You can find her work/thoughts at

And last but far from least, Sonja Corbitt continues to lead us in Scriptural excellence as she links the Old Testament with the New Testament and our ‘modern’ worship cycle in the Catholic Church. Sonja is at

Sonja Corbitt


Happy New Year to all listeners and visitors to our website.



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