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Sex, drugs, 3 abortions and living on the streets… that’s the path that our guest PATRICIA SANDOVAL took before experiencing an AWESOME, grace-filled conversion back to repentance and the roots of her Catholic Faith.

In this modern retelling of the Prodigal Son, Patricia has co-written a book entitled TRANSFIGURED: Patricia Sandoval’s Escape from Drugs, Homelessness, and the Back Doors of Planned Parenthood. 

Father Donald Calloway – himself no stranger to powerful conversion, says about this book, “Are you ready to read one of the most powerful conversion stories ever written? I couldn’t put this book down.”

And so too it was with Deacon Tom: I raced through this book – compelled to understand what led Patricia to some of the decisions she made — but rooting for the holy outcome that she leads us to.

The book is published by Queen of Peace Media, found at

Special thanks to Christine Watkins, editor, co-author and friend of Catholic Vitamins for facilitating this special time with Patricia Sandoval. Patricia’s information is available at

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