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His name is BRIAN FLYNN and this is a BACKUP to our ‘Best Of’ vault — going back to 2011 when Brian came on Catholic Vitamins for the first time. BRIAN FLYNN is a truly gifted Catholic composer, musician and singer. And if you want to know why we chose him for the original show on FIDELITY – listen to our interview. And listen to three of his wonderful songs. Including a song he composed to play and sing to his wife on their wedding day.

Brian has won 3 UNITY AWARDS for his second album – and he just continue to pen and perform awesome and inspiring music.

Born in Stockbridge Massachusetts, Brian Flynn is Catholic singer/songwriter that has a true heart for serving God with his musical gifts. A cradle Catholic, Brian has been involved in ministry since he was 22 years old and had a “reversion” back the Catholic faith. He then traveled throughout New England with the Capuchin Friars of the Primitive Observance providing dynamic music for Youth 2000 Eucharistic centered Youth Retreats.

Brian then transferred to the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio where he graduated in 1998 with a degree in Theology. During his college career, Brian was a leader for Liturgical music ministry, pianist/vocalist for the Festival of Praise music team, and guitarist/vocalist for the Franciscan University Summer Conference music team with Catholic singer/songwriter, Jim Cowan.

After graduation, Brian married the love of his life, Kristin (Thelen) Flynn, for whom he wrote and sang the song, “The Greatest Gift” on their wedding day. They have now been blessed with seven beautiful children. Brian started out after graduation working in Catholic campus ministry at West Liberty State and Bethany Colleges in West Virginia where he used his music to draw college students closer to Christ.

Brian moved to Michigan in 1999, where he worked as the Director of Music at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Westphalia, MI for the past 15 years. In addition to leading music at St. Mary’s, Brian provides music for conferences, retreats and concerts throughout the United States, sometimes teaming up with one or more of his siblings, and his father, Vinny. A versatile musician, Brian also provides music for weddings and funerals.

Go to  or to  to find music and information about Brian.

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