Catholic Vitamin B Believing

Curbside CatholicsA profound reversion to our wonderful Catholic Faith led Matt Barba to do what St. Paul and a number of other evangelists did: put BELIEVING into action. Matt founded the non-profit CURBSIDE CATHOLICS organization in San Francisco. What do they do? Matt and fellow volunteers take the faith to the streets sharing the Truth, Beauty and Wisdom of Catholicism.

Barba is a soft-spoken fellow – adverse to having attention focused on himself. When I asked for a picture of Matt to use on our show – he gave me a picture that shows a few of them doing their evangelization on the street. What do they do? Offer a free rosary to anyone who passes by. They don’t challenge or preach or attract a lot of attention. Simple presence with a willingness to talk to anyone who wants to do so.

Matt and his non-profit can be found at  Please pray for them and their ministry. Perhaps consider a donation.

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