Catholic Vitamin B Benefactress

Many of us are inspired by the great work of others. Sometimes, we wonder how people can accomplish so much! We’ve brought a special guest back to Catholic Vitamins. Her name is MARY KLOSKA. She’s an author, a speaker, an iconographer, a musician. The reason for the return visit is that Mary is becoming an important BENEFACTRESS to people in the United States, but also in foreign lands. Most especially among persecuted Christians. All this, while living a quiet (appearing) life as a nanny in Indiana. How does someone who has a full-time job find time to write… to see to communications with publishers, language conversion friends and specialists? How does she find time to speak with listeners to Catholic Vitamins? We’d say she is grace-powered, and we’re so glad to hear of her success and grace in reaching and helping others.

Mary’s website is   We hope you’ll get to know her and her work and products.

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