Catholic Vitamin B Bodacious

BODACIOUS: (adjective) excellent, admirable or attractive. Meet our guest, JIM HAVENS who made that ‘mistake’ which you may remember is this: “Jesus, if you’re real, I want to know you…” and he added,  “I want to know your Mother Mary too.”

Join us for this episode and hear Jim’s journey — which leads from a rather boring, cultural Catholic faith to his current love of the Church and the Sacraments. His work now? He’s VP of Mission and Communication for The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network, and he’s the founder and director of , and the man who also started

Jim shares a ‘bodacious’ faith-walk that we hope you’ll find inspiring, if not challenging.

We also appreciate the challenge shared by our correspondent Sandy Greggs — a reminder to count to ten (like on your rosary) before emoting impatience or anger or rebuttal.

Thanks to a favorite Franciscan University professor, Dr. Bob Rice for sharing his music and voice with us. Bob’s website and music can be found at

Our next ‘vitamin’: C _ _ _ _ _ Y  — total of seven letters. Take a guess and send it to

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