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Meet Bob D’Aurelio from the Paul’s Men Podcast — a great guest to help us look at the Catholic Vitamin — the true gift of BROTHERHOOD. Bob has been involved in the Catholic Mens movement for lots of years. His podcast features a segment Bob calls Conference Echoes. In it he plays segments of talks done by great guest speakers to various men’s meetings and conferences. Thank you Bob for coming on and sharing your background and your penchant for this area of building up the Body of Christ among men.

And thank you Bob for gifting us with the music from the New Celebration Singers, courtesy of Praisegathering Music. Links for Bob and the music are:

On the show, I read some facebook traffic which mentioned BEARfoot for Babies. It was started in 2009 by students at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado as part of their annual Life Week events. We invite you to go to their website and see the videos and the great events they have accomplished this year in the cause of life… in the cause of saving babies in the womb.


Thanks to Cheryl Dickow and Bezalel books, we will have two copies of OUR JEWISH ROOTS, A Catholic Woman’s Guide to Fulfillment Today by Connecting With Her Past. Send us your contact info to either or call our feedback number: 206-350-3789. This promotion expires 10/17/10.

Thanks to Tobias, The Magazine of Single Catholic Living for donating copies of their new magazine to us at Catholic Vitamins. Send us your name or call us and we’ll pull names to send a free copy of this new magazine. Share it with a family member or friend if you are married. This promotion expires 10/24/10 or till we run out of these.

Finally – we have a copy of the book Crossing the GOAL Playbook on the Virtues. This is co-written by Danny Abramowicz, Peter Herbeck, Brian Patrick and Curtis Martin. This is a great topic book for any men involved in or wanting to start a topic-based men’s discussion group. If a wife or a girlfriend would like to encourage your guy in getting involved in a men’s group – this would be an easy book to help you pick some topics to consider and talk with Catholic men about. This promotion expires 10/24/10 — please call or email us if you’d like to have us put you in our basket for a drawing.

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