Catholic Vitamin B Building

Peggy NormandinWho is she? She’s the joy-filled voice of CALL ME CATHOLIC, PEGGY NORMANDIN, heard on EWTN radio each Saturday morning from 10-11am Pacific. She’s also heard on the Immaculate Heart radio network, which is how we found her — on our own north central Arizona local Catholic radio station.

Originally heard just in the L. A. area, Peggy’s show was so popular that EWTN took her international. She’s also found on Sirius XM Satellite. And so, Peggy is obviously heard throughout our country, and now throughout the world.  When we first started exchanging emails, Peggy was email-inundated and so busy that we had trouble really connecting and working out our time together. But we did it and now the voice originating from the Orange County Crystal Palace Cathedral is now found on Catholic Vitamins as well. Peggy helped us to look at Vitamin B for BUILDING up the Body of Christ.

We thank our Illinois-based journalist and correspondent, Marianna Bartholomew for a MISSIONARY MOMENT to  look at the days when Catholic ‘chapels’ were built on railroad trains and taken to remote areas without sufficient population or resources to regularly support a priest or church. Fascinating!

We played a bit of SPREAD JOY — written and performed by a friend of Catholic Vitamins,  Mike Strickland. You can find Mike and his music and albums at

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