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Charismatic NunsWow! A jam-packed Catholic Vitamin C for CHARISMATIC. Guests include 3 wonderful sisters from the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. And wait — there’s more: the awesome Franciscan priest, author and speaker: Fr. Dave Pivonka. And a surprise ‘secret’ recording of another author and speaker who caused upwards of 400 people to give him a standing ovation at the Phoenix Catholic Charismatic Conference. Join us as you hear about this great conference and dear Dee shares about the Catholic Women’s Conference she also attended that same weekend.

The Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ is a Franciscan Congregation of vowed Charismatic Roman Catholic Women with main headquarters located in Prayer Town, Texas — about 45 miles outside of Amarillo. We hosted three of the sisters in our home – and each shared a bit about their order, their charisms and their life. You can find out more information by going to 

Fr. Dave Pivonka is a nationally known speaker and author. In addition to his work at conferences, retreats and seminars – Fr. Dave leads pilgrimages to some of the holiest locations of our Catholic Faith. You can find info and connectivity all over the internet. One main location to go to is    You gotta smile at the URL 🙂

And our special ‘guest-recording’ featured evangelist, daily radio talk show co-host and author Jesse Romero. His web site is

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