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Our wonderful guest, LISA BLEVINS is likely too young to remember a movie entitled SWEET  CHARITY – it was about a woman who continued to have faith in the human race despite endless disappointments. In her Charity – Lisa is endlessly positive about the lives of the unborn saved through the worldwide efforts of pro-life warriors. Lisa espouses and leads and inspires love for life from conception till natural death. In our interview, this sweet lady tells how she first came to be involved in the cause of life… and by now, how she’s preparing for her 15th year of participating in and bringing together large numbers of people to support 40 Days For Life. Go to  to find activities nearest to you.

There are many things that are beginning to happen, and to come together in the cause of protection for the unborn, and protection for late-age seniors. Each of us can support this momentum by our prayers, including extra rosaries… and by showing up at one of the events taking place in your diocese or community during 40DFL.

Thanks to Lisa and to the many unsung people of God. People of many faiths who come together to end abortion and late-age euthanasia.

Our show features a couple songs by singer, songwriter and music missionary Danielle Rose. Songs played are from her Culture of Life CD. Go to  

Thanks to Danielle for doing promotional spots for Catholic Vitamins and for giving us permission to play her music. She’s been a guest a couple times on CV. 🙂

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