Catholic Vitamin C Communication

Let’s share our Catholic Faith using an inexpensive form of COMMUNICATION…. we can do it by donating $24 to the Frontline Faith Project. What they do is load small, rugged MP3 audio players with Catholic listening material and send it to our military men and women throughout the world.

Our show features a return interview guest with Cheri Lomonte – creator of this beautiful way of helping to support and inspire our warriors. They can plug in the earbuds and hear a complete Catholic Mass… there are also Catholic prayers, inspiring Catholic speakers, etc. All of this content and the audio device given to men and women at no cost… thanks to you… just $24. Doesn’t that sound like an awesome gift for someone who may not meet or see a chaplain for weeks at a time?

The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic men’s organization with more than 2 million members on three continents. The Knights have a long history of supporting those who serve in uniform and in welcoming Catholic Soldiers into their ranks. For almost 100 years, they have provided significant spiritual support for our Armed Forces. Today, they work closely with the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA.

The Knights of Columbus proudly support and have supplied these Frontline Faith MP3 players in hope that these audio recordings help our Service Men and Women deal with the rigors of service, especially during deployment to locations far from home. The Frontline Faith Project folks load the Catholic content and then get them to servicemen and women.

You can find out more… make a donation or check into the co-founding organization (Mary’s Touch) by going to

Special thanks to a previous interview guest, musician, singer and speaker CHRIS MUGLIA. We hope you enjoy his music and you can go to his website: 

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