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Compassion is coming to the awareness of how blessed you are and how there is need for help for others in any and every place you turn. For this show, we met with Deacon Joe Bogushefsky and his wife Jan as they introduced us to POVERTY 24-6. An unusual name? Deacon Joe said that while Christ told us that the poor would always be with us, Jesus didn’t say we couldn’t give poverty a day off.

You can find this wonderful example of compassion and caring at:

And to send a donation or to gain more information, here is a mailing address for this project:
Poverty 24-6
12101 W. Moore Rd.
Morana, AZ 85653
Phone: 520-682-3035

Poverty 24/6 is a Trust under the auspices of the Diocese of Tucson whose ministry provides clothing, food, water and other basic human necessities to improve the quality of life for those living in the most impoverished conditions in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

MISSION STATEMENT – The Poverty 24/6 Trust exists to foster pastoral and educational outreach to migrants who have been deported from the United States of America, and to address the social and humanitarian needs of such individuals as well as the social and humanitarian needs of other needy persons throughout the state of Sonora, Mexico.

Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas,¨Bishop of Diocese of Tucson
Joe Bogushefsky, Deacon at St. Christopher Parish, Marana,¨Trustee and President of Poverty 24/6
And there are about five other people who are trustees of this wonderful, compassionate charity.


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We thank our friend, composer, musician and singer Bryan Murdaugh for sharing music from his album TWENTY FOUR and the song we featured at the end of the show. It’s called GLORY. You can find out lots more about this performer and perhaps to book him for a visit at your parish. Go to his website:

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