Catholic Vitamin C Confidence

Too much bad news these days? Too much ‘crisis’ news? While we know there are many problems to pray and fast about, we can have CONFIDENCE. Jesus is in charge! Let us keep our focus on Him.

One way to do that is to listen to a good journey story — a recently ordained priest named Father Ian Van Heusen. He’s our guest, and we follow him from faith to loss-of-faith to REAL FAITH and vocation discovered. And if we remember that today’s problem clergy are in the minority, and if we have HOPE in the LORD JESUS… we can know that there are wonderful priests like Fr. Ian… if we but look for them… pray for them… and support them. And what’s confidence-supporting about Fr. Ian is that in addition to a small parish, he’s working with teen youth and college youth at the University near to him. Hope for our future!!

That’s what this show is about. Keeping our Confidence in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church founded and strengthened and supported by Jesus Christ! Go to to find his THE ART OF LIVING WELL Blog and his vocation video.

We played a portion of a new song released by a previous guest on Catholic Vitamins. Her name is RENEE BONDI – and the new song is performed with her talented son Daniel. It’s a great new song and we’re proud to once again promote Renee. Her website is  — Please drop in and select from her many albums — often uplifting, inspiring and wonderful to spend time with.

Next Vitamin? Vitamin D (with 9 total letters) ending in E… Take a guess and win a nice thank-you gift. Email to

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