Catholic Vitamin C Covetousness

What? What’s a Catholic podcast doing promoting COVETOUSNESS? Well, there can be a certain quality of covetousness — such that when it is used in a faith context, it can mean ‘eagerly desirous’ — desirous of finding answers when one is on a faith journey. Which brings us to our guest KATHY MCDONALDKathy McDonald a Lutheran lady originally from Michigan who kept searching and searching for Truth. And in our time together, she describes three books that, one by one began to provide her with the answers to the Beauty that she so coveted.

Kathy’s conversion story appeared in the October 2013 Coming Home Newsletter. You may know that The COMING HOME NETWORK International was founded by Marcus Grodi and has helped to guide many into or back into the Catholic Church. We’ve supported the Grodi organization for years. You can find more about them and perhaps consider supporting their work. Go to 

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