Catholic Vitamin D Daymares

Yes, this lady is familiar to Catholic Vitamins listeners. Her name is CHRISTINE WATKINS, and she is a returning guest with a most important… perhaps her most important book and topic ever. Our entire interview time is about THE WARNING: Testimonies and Prophecies of the ILLUMINATION OF CONSCIENCE.

What is ‘the Illumination of Conscience?’ This is a highly prophesied event which is believed will take place in mankind – most especially those who have been living a horrible life in terms of sin and rejection of God. The Illumination is a ‘grace’ – a gift from God to invite hardened sinners to change their ways – and the proof of the need to change their lives will be that they are able (gifted) to be able to see their lives as God is seeing them.

We said it has been well prophesied — the book lists saints, mystics, popes and evangelists who, over centuries have been predicting this ‘event.’ Please… please buy a copy of this special book, and then share it with others. Special thanks to Christine for her friendship with, and trust in Catholic Vitamins to present this topic for our guest discussion. Go to   or purchase her products through booksellers or

We extend our thanks to composer, musician and singer JACKIE FRANCOIS — we played a couple selections… one of which BE FORGIVEN speaks to this topic of the Illumination of Conscience. You can reach Jackie or her music by going to  or buy her music on Amazon. com

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