Catholic Vitamin D Decisions

O Lord, please take from me the sad awareness of the many decisions I have made where I ignored your grace… your voice… the example or challenge of good people you put into my path. And thank you Lord God for the beauty I now see in my life for the decisions you helped me make in my journey to eternity with You.

That’s the way I (Deacon Tom) feel. And our guest – a most special woman Karen Williams from the greater Phoenix area speaks to this as well. I won’t “spoil” the decisions that Karen made on this episode of Catholic Vitamins. I’d like you to listen to her story. You’ll hear the struggles she had and the decisions she made. But more important, you’ll see a life radically changed by God’s mercy and grace.

Karen is involved in a wonderful pro-life ministry called Silent No More. The main website for this organization is:

And if, after listening to Karen’s story, you’d like to reach her or find out more about her work and the work of Silent No More, you can reach Karen at the following address:

Karen and her husband have a site that Karen laughingly dismissed as a hobby — but it’s a great portal for news and information sources for all things Catholic. Their “news feed”┬áis called Catholic Edition and you can find their work at

Our closing music was performed with the kind permission of Alicia Hernon from her album Beloved. The song you hear is Talitha Cumi — the words of Jesus when he called the dead child back to life. Thank you Alicia. You can find her music at her website:

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