Catholic Vitamin D Dedication

Meet CHRIS MUGLIA. He’s first of all dedicated to loving and sharing our Catholic Faith. He’s then, husband and father (of 5). And finally – he’s a very talented composer, musician and singer. Chris has worked with some of the best (recording) musicians in the business, and he’s been recognized for many of the songs he’s released.Chris Muglia

On this CV Podcast, we talk with Chris about his first album release in several years. This one is titled LATE CHECK IN — one of the songs that received recognition is I NEED A SAVIOR – this song was picked up the Tom Peterson and the Catholics Come Home Organization for use in its new TV commercials. Another song that Chris particularly likes and called to our attention from his album is THERE BY THE GRACE OF GOD GO I. You can find Chris and his new album at this web address:   (That’s a fun title). Chris is also found at

Special thanks also to SONJA CORBITT, our scriptural ‘evangelista’ for the continuing teaching on the Old Testament and the cycle of our liturgical celebrations in the Church. By now you may remember that Sonja is found at




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