Catholic Vitamin D Delightful

Audrey AssadIsn’t it DELIGHTFUL to be a fan of AUDREY ASSAD? If you listen to this CV show, you’ll find out why we pulled our interview from two years ago with Audrey. She shares about her childhood, her conversion to Catholicism, her intimate familiarity with the St. Augustine book The Confession Of…. ¬†We played a couple of her recent year songs — and we’ve been promised a return visit by Audrey to promote her new album INHERITANCE. Which, by the way, you can preorder by going to her website

Deacon Tom is starting to recover from a two-implant dental procedure that went ‘south’ and had Tom on some strong meds to control pain. But we know that getting Audrey to pinch-hit for our regular show approach isn’t a bad substitude batter.


Deacon Tom and Dee


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