Catholic Vitamin D Desert

Beth DavisMeet BETH DAVIS a joyful, joy-filled youth minister from Flagstaff, Arizona. And while she certainly reflects a contented soul, our interview with Beth today helps us intently to reflect on entry into the Lenten DESERT.

Beth Davis has been working with young people for over a decade, however she recently gave a talk… an inviting and well-received talk at the Phoenix Catholic Women’s Conference. Dear wife Dee came home and suggested we see if we could make arrangements for Beth to guest on Catholic Vitamins. Thanks be, she was anxious to be our guest. And we are so thankful.

Here are a few additional things we mentioned during our show: Catholic singer Anna Nuzzo (a previous guest on Catholic Vitamins) wanted to share with our listeners about a winter pilgrimage she’s involved with going to the Holy Land. You’ll even get a chance to be in the choir singing hymns and participating in seasonal events with Anna. To find out more information, go to Anna’s Facebook page and see the flyer for preliminary planning.

And speaking of Facebook – if you’d like to see some of Deacon Tom’s Lenten meditations contained on our Catholic Radio Facebook page – go to Facebook and select KPIH 98.9 FM Catholic Radio in Payson Arizona. (Thank you dear #Candy Bridges)

Join us next week for Catholic Vitamin E…. starts with E and ends in N — with 9 letters 🙂

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