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Tom PetersonOur guest on this very special Catholic Vitamins is none other than the successful, award-winning advertising executive Tom Peterson. He entered into a profound conversion-type experience and this led him to become the founder of two highly impact-full apostolates — one is the Catholics Come Home advertising and evangelizing efforts that has resulted in perhaps hundreds of thousands of converts through television commercials which artfully and with truth invite Catholics to return to the roots of their faith. The other apostolate that Tom has formed is Virtue Media – an on-line effort to evangelize abortion-minded or post-abortive women on the web in an equally attractive and inviting way.

The second part of our interview focused on Tom’s new book CATHOLICS COME HOME: GOD’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE. Catholics Come Home LogoIt’s a great read combining evangelization from Tom’s own journey, some stories, especially about his ‘conversion’ from a highly paid, highly successful and very worldly advertising executive to an on-fire Catholic. It was this reversion experience which led to his founding of the two works mentioned here in the blog. 

If you go to Catholics Come Home, you are asked which profile… which door fits you: 

Door One: I’m Not Catholic — I’m Protestant, Evangelical or of another faith… or I’m not really religious. 

Door Two: I’m Not Currently Attending Mass  — tell me more about ‘Coming Home.’ — or How will it help me? 

Or Door Three: I’m Proud To Be A Catholic — how can I help family and friends to come home? Also – How can I explore the wonders of the faith? Air our ‘Evangomercials’ (Trademark: Catholics Come Home) in your diocese.

You can ‘enter’ any of these doors and there you will find a welcome and an appropriate message to share about the Catholic Faith and about how to enter into a real relationship with Jesus and HIS Catholic Church. 

Links for this show:  The website and ministry for purity, pregnancy and post-abortive women. And much more.  The website and ministry which offers the introduction, defense and invitation for Catholics to return to their faith of earlier years.

Tom Peterson’s strong ‘reversion’ started (Please listen to the interview) while Fr. Doug Lorig and a number of men at a Catholic men’s conference were praying over Tom. I mentioned to Tom that Fr. Doug Lorig was himself a convert to Catholicism, and we had Fr. Doug as a guest. That too was a great gift to Catholic Vitamins – and you can listen to that interview and show (Catholic Vitamin U for UNION) at: 


“The Lord measures out perfection neither by the multitude nor the magnitude of our deeds, but by the manner in which we perform them.”

— St. John of the Cross


We featured an all too short segment of our friend Lisa Schmidt singing I WILL PRAISE YOU — recorded when she was involved in Catholic music and choir work.

And – and we were so glad to have Margo B. Smith’s closing song: SPENDING TIME ADORING YOU. Fitting music since Tom Peterson’s reversion happened when men were praying over him before the Blessed Sacrament. 

Margo_029a_copy_2_2Margo’s music is found at 

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