Catholic Vitamin D Detachment

K. Cook - Photo copyThe interview starts: “I have a smile on my heart; I have a smile on my face.” That’s what spending time with our wonderful guest KIM COOK can do for you. Have you ever met or spent time with someone and you realize they have a joyous heart? Maybe a bit impatient? Maybe with expectations of speedy results? Only to find that they learned DETACHMENT in their journey. Such it was for us as we spent this time with Kim. And I really believe – at the risk of offering double your money back – that you will be joyous meeting Kim.

Our show included a part of  the song Stay Awake With Me, sung by another joyous lady: BILLY TARASCIOBilly Tarascio — an attorney from the Phoenix area and a past guest on Catholic Vitamins. Her album is entitled SEND ME, and you can find Billy’s work on iTunes and elsewhere.


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