Catholic Vitamin D Diaconate

No… it’s not a misspelled vitamin… DIACONATE is the ancient and new gift of and from the Church. And why we bring you this faith-vitamin is that Dee and Tom were interviewed by Father Cory Sticha of the Let’s Talk Podcast from SQPN. Too much info? Well, just join us on the show, and you will get the ‘complete story’ of our faith journey… From a holy priest in Florida who inspired us (Fr. Patrick J. O’Doherty of Queen of Peace Parish in Ocala, FL) to Denver to Tom’s ordination as a deacon in 2004… and thence, to our start of podcast evangelization on Catholic Vitamins. And later on Catholic radio station KPIH 98.9 in our Arizona community.

We’ll share a ‘what?’ sort of experience that didn’t come up on this show. Tom originally applied to become a deacon for what would have been the 1999 deacon formation class. Can you believe it? He was turned down. The nerve!!! But (God’s grace inspired) Tom to reapply and he was accepted for the 2004 deacon class in Denver. He was ordained in 2004 after four years of classes: philosophy, theology, Scripture, apologetics, ecumenism, etc. DEE ATTENDED EVERY CLASS! Faithful companion never missed and she has always supported his journey. A wonderful deacon wife!!

If you happen to read these words and you are a fellow who feels he might have a call to serve the people of God in a deeper manner, please send an email to   I’d love to hear from you. Blessings.

Deacon Tom & Dee


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