Catholic Vitamin D Dignity

Dignity: 1. Bearing, conduct, or manner indicative of self-respect. 2. Nobility… 3. Elevated rank, etc.

Yes – that’s what Random House Webster’s Dictionary gives us as the meaning of dignity. However — do you notice that this series of definitions center on the self. Nothing wrong with that, you say? Well — a part of our attention in the show to dignity does center on our God-given dignity. But what caught my attention in the dictionary is how little is implied in a parallel sense of the same “worth” in everyone else. Dignity in all of us: infants in the womb, the disabled, those who have committed offenses against society, those who are immigrants, etc. Most particularly — the most vulnerable and those who are trying to recover from life circumstances or bad decisions. Join us — especially with our guest, Ron Garcia from the Archdiocese of St. Louis in Missouri.

Deacon Tom & Dee

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