Catholic Vitamin D Disciple

Raised in a Catholic Family? Check! Able to go to Catholic School? Check! Receiving the early Sacraments? Check. Go to college and remain strong in the faith? NOPE! Come join us as we revisit with a recent guest who is now a true DISCIPLE in the Lord’s vineyard. Her name is BETH LYNCH. We met her recently as she introduced us to her marvelous work as Director of the Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine in Auriesville, NY.

But we knew from the beginning of getting to know Beth, that it took a lot of God’s powerful grace, forgiveness and mercy to bring Beth from a hedonistic lifestyle to an understanding of what it means to be a ‘fully alive’ disciple and a real practicing Catholic. The story of her young adult years is (sadly) far from unique, but it shows what happens when a searching soul is open to the witness and formation of another disciple. In this case, a marvelous pro-life priest — the late Father McCloskey.

Beth can be available to talks at your parish or conference. Her email address is

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