Catholic Vitamin D Disposition

Tiana SakrFrom ‘down under’ in Australia — meet our special guest TIANA SAKR, the CEO of WOMBS International.  WOMBS  stands for Women and Babies Support. Since her teen years, Tiana has been a pro-life advocate, and during her ‘stay-at-home’ mom years, she carried this pro-life DISPOSITION onto the internet especially using TWITTER. Tiana’s pro-life postings led her to realize the need to sponsor a website that had basic, un-biased information about this area. That site is found at   — it’s not what we would call a pro-life website, per se. It was meant to give those seeking information on abortion a place to come to which had facts and data about abortion and how it works. It also contains information about whether human life exists after conception. Tiana tells us that website is garnering about 100,000 visits per year.

From this site work, Tiana and her associates decided to form another organization called WOMBS International, found at And you can hear all this unfold in our first-ever Catholic Vitamins Podcast interview with someone from Australia.

Tiana and Deacon Tom discussed similarities and differences between the U. S. and Australian abortion conditions and support. Sadly, Tiana tells us that adoptions are few and far between and foster care is overwhelmed in Australia. She also explained that there are radical abortion laws in Victoria and Tazmania allowing abortion up until the moment of childbirth.

We are hopeful of helping Tiana connect with more U. S. based pro-life contacts and resources.  Catholics need to be in prayer for abortion reform throughout the world. God help us.

We played music on this show by the lovely Audrey Assad (, and by Margo B. Smith ( and Professor, singer and musician Bob Rice (

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