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STEVE RAY is a DYNAMIC convert — crossing the Tiber river (in Rome) from the Baptist faith to Catholicism. Steve is our on-fire guest for this show — and not only did we garner a second-visit interview with Steve – but he also gave us permission to share a brief segment from his CD: Steve Ray’s Conversion from Baptist to Catholic.

Steve used to be completely opposed to the Catholic faith. He believed in a Sola Scriptura (the Bible alone) and literally ‘pounced’ on Catholics who knew too little of their faith. But the problem for Steve with the idea of Sola Scriptura  was that it led to literally thousands of interpretations of what it meant to be a follower of Christ. And many of the followers were at odds with each other as to what Christ’s Church should look like, and about truth in faith-walk. We hope you’ll visit Steve’s website – go to  Perhaps plan on taking a pilgrimage with Steve to the Holy Land… to Italy or to Ireland… And let us know what it was like to travel and learn from this most dynamic host.

Deacon Tom and Dee just returned from a trip to visit the Philadelphia Carmelite  monastery where we attended the extraordinary form Latin Mass which celebrated the final vows for the former CHANNING DALE — now known as Sister Mary Magdalene of the Divine Heart.

Here are two pictures — one which shows the altar and an earlier Latin Mass celebration.

The second picture shows Sister Mary Magdalene after the bishop had blessed her veil and installed the veil on Sister to mark this final step in her vocation journey. What a gift Sister was to many who knew her as a podcaster and a holy witness to our faith. What a gift Sister is now to the diocese of Philadelphia and to the worldwide Church.

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