Catholic Vitamin E Elation Part 1

Paula HustonWhen you find a new author… a new book that keeps you reading later at night than you probably should… when you want to tell someone about what you’re reading…. that’s a sense of ELATION. And we’re so elated to bring you a wonderful American novelist, short story writer and creative nonfiction author and professor PAULA HUSTON. Her newest book is titled ONE ORDINARY SUNDAY: A Meditation on the Mystery of the Mass… but it’s not ‘heady’ nor too-too theology-bent. It’s down to earth and ‘companionship-styled’ writing that tells the story of one Sunday in Ordinary Time attending Mass with Paula and her husband Mike.

The reader gets to meet Kathy, the voice of music at the Mass… and Fr. Ken — you’re with him as he vests. You are able to learn about the various parts of the Mass and how Paula came to be lifted and inspired by her participation in them.

This book would be a great book-club read/disscuss project. So too, it would be great for a parish sodality group or members of an RCIA class… or the Knights of Columbus. For more information about Paula, go to her website   She’s a delight and we look forward to sharing two episodes of Catholic Vitamins with this wonderful convert to Catholicism.

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