Catholic Vitamin E Empathy

On the blog page for this show, Deacon Tom confesses to a situation from long ago that demonstrated my utter lack of empathy in a certain area. Our guest for this show is a fresh new special education teacher at the John Paul the Great High School in Dumphries, Virginia. She’s a lovely young lady named Nicole Smith, a recent graduate from Franciscan University in Ohio. Why did we bring her on the show? To encourage her? Yes. To help or encourage us? Yes. To listen to her experience with Down Syndrome people in her family? Yes. If you have trouble with this ‘talent’ — maybe after listening to this show, you’ll join me in praying for the Catholic Vitamin E of Empathy.

Vitascrabble for our next show is a ten letter word that begins with F and ends with the letter D. Take a guess and call our feedback line at 206-350-3789.

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