Catholic Vitamin E Energy

Meet Mike and Alicia Hernon. Meet ENERGY in the form of marriage and family evangelization. Meet the originators of the wildly popular MESSY FAMILY PROJECT – a Podcast and much more.

People say to the Hernons all the time, “You have 10 kids??  How do you do it?” By trial and error, just like you!  Kids don’t know (thankfully!) that most of the time parents are just making things up as we go. Mike and Alicia remember looking for someone to tell us the perfect way to be a parent, but then they finally realized – there is no perfect way!  They are still in the trenches with their children and now with grandchildren. Parents never stop learning. Raising 10 children has shown the Hernons that being a parent is difficult, but not impossible. They are passionate about families and the MESSY FAMILY PROJECT is there to give you hope! (And help)

Go to And you can find them loads of other places… But their website is a good place to start. And while there, sign up to join in their PLAY & PRAY PROJECT. 

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