Catholic Vitamin E Enzymes

One of the many faith nutrients that we’ve offered for over 8 years has been powerful conversion ENZYMES… and today’s show guest is an awesome apologist KENNETH HENSLEY. Believe it or not, at one time in his faith journey he was a senior Baptist pastor in Montrose, CA. And during that period he heard that a friend of his (with whom he had been involved with at a Protestant seminary) named Scott Hahn had converted to the Catholic Faith. WHAT? It can’t be the same Scott Hahn. But it was.

I smiled at the story that Scott sent a box of audio tapes to Ken from St. Joseph Communications — and it was sitting at the front door of the Baptist church that Pastor Ken came into one morning. On the box were a number of labels promoting St. Joseph Communications. Ken hurriedly squirreled that box and its material into his office. The door was locked behind him 🙂

It’s a great interview, and we hope you’ll enjoy it. We hope its one of the Enzymes that’ll help your growth in faith. Maybe you might like to read the book Ken wrote with Patrick Madrid: THE GODLESS DELUSION.

Ken is now a full time consultant/evangelist with the Coming Home Network (of Marcus Grodi fame and success). You can reach our guest at And if you’d like to read some of Ken’s writing, try the blog at — there you’ll find the Calling All Converts Blog.

We closed with a rousing accordion piece by our friend from Franciscan University, Dr. Bob Rice !!!

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