Catholic Vitamin E: Epiclesis

In the Roman Church, it’s the time in the Mass when the priests puts his two hands close together and places them over the chalice, and in prayer, he invokes the Holy Spirit to come upon the gifts that we are about to present back to the Lord. The deacon (if he is able) kneels at this moment; no one is to stand except the celebrant. It is the beginning of the beautiful transformation of the elements of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. That’s the time of the Epiclesis in our Mass.

And speaking of the Mass, and so many things Catholic, our special guest for this podcast is none other than than the author of the best selling 1998 book MASS CONFUSION: The Do’s and Don’ts of Catholic Worship. His name is Jimmy Akin. In this show, we discuss Jimmy’s recent book MASS REVISION, How The Liturgy is Changing and What It Means For You.

Jimmy Akin is a font of knowledge about most all things Catholic, and his various endeavors give us so many places to find and benefit from Jimmy’s expertise. He has his own show, not surprisingly called the Jimmy Akin Podcast. He’s found usually once a week on the Catholic Answers phone-in show heard on many radio stations, EWTN outlets and over satellite radio and the internet.

Jimmy is an author and speaker specializing in defense of the faith. His books include The Salvation Controversy, The Nightmare World of Jack Chick, and the Father’s Know Best: Your Essential Guide to the Teachings of the Early Church.

There are many places to find Jimmy on the internet. He says the best entry point for his work is by going to   Make sure you look for his Secret Info Club 🙂

We are so thankful and blessed to have Jimmy as a guest on Catholic Vitamins… AND… AND… Jimmy has recently been invited to become a member of the SQPN family of podcasters and bloggers. Welcome aboard Jimmy. Thanks for joining Catholic Vitamins and all the other fine programs and endeavors of the STAR QUEST PRODUCTION NETWORK.


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