Catholic Vitamin E Evangelism

Dcn Tom holding Glenn After BaptismWhat is it like to go behind two very high and secure fences with razor wire on top? What’s it like to spend an hour with drug addicts, prostitutes and convicts? Meet KEVIN STARRS, the Director of Prison Ministry for the Diocese of Phoenix. As we mentioned on the show, the dictionary defines Evangelism as the spreadinng of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness. In Phoenix, over 100 men and women, some up into their 80’s and 90’s are spreading the Gospel (the GOOD NEWS) of Jesus’ love and Divine Mercy. After hearing the interview (well, testimony really) of Kevin, if you’d like to reach out to him, his email address is   and his phone number is 602-354-2485. Thank you Kevin.

Dcn Tom @ BaptismAnd as you have observed, the pictures for this show don’t have anything to do with prison ministry. They are two the pictures of the Baptism of Glenn Michael Doerneman, the baby I baptized yesterday in our parish. He’s a handsome and wonderful young man. And we congratulate and bless Brad and Sarah Doerneman, the parents, and the godparents, Jim Bridges and Doris Doerneman as well.

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