Catholic Vitamin E Evil

UnknownSome don’t believe EVIL is real. Listen to Father Clement Machado – an exorcist trained in Rome, and with the experience of over 1,000 major and 3,000 minor exorcisms. Today’s guest segment features a part of a talk by Fr. Machado at a priest/deacon/seminarian conference at Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH. (Deacon Tom attended this conference, and like all of those present, I was spellbound by the teaching and admonition of Fr. Machado encouraging all of us to deeper faith walk and example for others.)

It is said that at the age of 11, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to young Clement. She allegedly gave him visions of heaven and hell. And it was from that early time in his life that Clement set out to become a priest. It is also said that during his ordination at the Grand Montreal Cathedral, St. Patrick also appeared to Father Clement, telling him to ‘Go and free my people.” We know St. Patrick had power expelling evil from Ireland — how seemingly strange that he would appear to the new priest and share this mission statement.

An accomplished preacher and evangelist, Fr. Machado has appeared on EWTN and at conferences around the world. Fr. doesn’t water down any of his talks or teachings — including strong endorsement for sacramentals (holy water, blessed oils, etc.) and the belief in, and frequent use of the sacraments, especially Reconciliation.

Most all the conference talks and events are available on CD’s or DVD’s from the bookstore at Franciscan’s website.

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