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Laura PearlIs there a young adult in your family or circle of friends? Is there someone Irish or someone who loves good fiction? Meet LAURA PEARL. She is is the author of a wonderful new book entitled ERIN’S RING. Laura has wanted to write since she was eight years of age. And now, decades later, she’s the author of two books.

What we enjoyed about Erin’s Ring is the delightful way that Laura combined some of the town’s authentic Irish history ER front coverwhere she and her family now live, with some true-to-life, relatively current generation young people. It’s a good Catholic book, strong on faith and family. Just the sort of book that Bezalel Books has been building a solid reputation for publishing.


Not only did we enjoy our time meeting author Pearl, but our award winning journalist and blogger MARIANNA BARTHOLOMEW Marianna Bartholomewintroduces our listeners to a Philippine 4AM Advent Mass tradition called Simbang Gabi… Over the years, seven times, Marianna has received awards for her stories and reporting of things of the mission territories, whether in the U. S. or other lands.


And our personal Scriptural Evangelista SONJA CORBITT delivers another great teaching on God’s holy and inspired Word.

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