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First of Advent greetings. We’ve assembled most of the Catholic Vitamins team members this weekend. We start off with Part 2 of a continuation of Sonja CorbittScriptural Evangelist SONJA CORBITT‘s teaching about the tabernacle as found in the Old Testament. This is like a free on-line course that can lead to greater respect for, and understanding of the tabernacle and the worship that we do in the Catholic Church. Sonja’s talks and teachings an her schedule are found at 

Deacon FERGAL O’NEILL images-1from Naas Ireland uses an Irish landmark to share with us a message of watchful waiting — a perfect message tied to the Gospel of the First Sunday in Advent. By the way, Fegal’s parish has recently posted an audio reflection of Deacon Fergal. You can listen by going to

And seven-time award winning journalist, MARIANNA BARTHOLOMEW Marianna Batholomewdrafted her husband and other family members to help create music and words appropriate to an Advent meditation. Thank you all Batholomew family 🙂 If you’d like to follow Marianna’s work, go to her website:

Deacon Tom shares a short reflection – a meditation really on the infant in the womb of Blessed Mother Mary.

May Christ come anew in our lives, as we consider three legs of the Advent stool: Prayer, Almsgiving and Fasting.

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