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Our guest on this episode of Catholic Vitamins is the lovely and inspiring Lisa Mladinich.

The reason we asked Lisa to come on our show wasn’t what one might expect if they knew Lisa as a talented faith teacher. We invited Lisa to join us so we could share about the topic of the Father’s love — and about Lisa’s return to the embrace of God the Father after she started a journey away from “home”. Many of us wouldn’t have know that Lisa had the journey of the Prodigal Daughter in her life — and we were so blessed that Lisa agreed to come on for an exploration of this facet of her life.

Lisa Mladinich is a Catholic wife and mom. She’s a catechist and an has broadened this area of her heart for teaching the faith by founding the website On her site, she has free catechetical teaching materials available on her site — including faith-oriented puppet and skits with scripts. Lisa is also found at the Catholic Mom authors’ area where she regularly participates with written columns on her crafts and skill areas. She also is found each week on the podcast hosted by Lisa Hendey.

Finally – we talked with Lisa about her new book published by Our Sunday Visitor entitled BE AN AMAZING CATECHIST.

During this show, we also mentioned the Special Chronicles Podcast hosted by our New Media friend Daniel Smrokowski. You can find his podcast through iTunes or directly on Dan’s website. Here are some contact and show links if you’d like to be in touch with Daniel:

Deacon Tom: I thought I would let you know about the college radio show that I DJ and host… Listen to RUInspired Friday, 3-4PM CT on WRBC:
The Blaze at:…

Plus: Live in-studio cam and chat at:…

Dan Email:

Dan Online:

Special Chronicles Podcast:

Our music during the show included a portion of a cut from Michael James Mette who donated use of songs from his album ALWAYS WHAT I NEED to Catholic Vitamins. The song we played was I’VE GOT THE JOY. And Michael’s web address is:

We closed with music by permission of the lovely wife, mom and singer Sarah Bauer from her album RADIANCE. The song we closed with was I HOPE YOU KNOW. Sarah’s website address is:

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