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As we said on the ‘opening’ screen for the Catholic Vitamins Podcast for Fidelity — if you wonder why we chose this musician for this topic – please listen to the show. Brian Flynn is, I think, a man I’d like to be doing my faith walk with if I lived near him. The picture at the left is Brian appearing at and receiving honors for his music at the UNITY AWARDS in 2010.

I’ve ‘copped’ some bio material from his website… and you can find more info and ways to purchase Brian’s wonderful music if you go to:

or you can find Bryan through his new publishing company venue:

Born in Stockbridge Massachusetts, Brian Flynn is Catholic singer/songwriter that has a true heart for serving God with his musical gifts. A cradle Catholic, Brian has been involved in ministry since he was 22 years old and had a “reversion” back the Catholic faith. He then traveled throughout New England with the Capuchin Friars of the Primitive Observance providing dynamic music for Youth 2000 Eucharistic centered Youth Retreats. Brian then transferred to the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio where he graduated in 1998 with a degree in Theology. During his college career, Brian was a leader for Liturgical music ministry, pianist/vocalist for the Festival of Praise music team, and guitarist/vocalist for the Franciscan University Summer Conference music team with Catholic singer/songwriter, Jim Cowan.

After graduation, Brian married the love of his life, Kristin (Thelen) Flynn, for whom he wrote and sang the song, “The Greatest Gift” on their wedding day. [NB: We played that song during the middle of our interview on Catholic Vitamins.] They have now been blessed with 6 beautiful children. Brian started out after graduation working in Catholic campus ministry at West Liberty State and Bethany Colleges in West Virginia where he used his music to draw college students closer to Christ.

Brian moved to Michigan in 1999, where he has been the Director of Music at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Westphalia, MI. In addition to leading music at St. Mary’s, Brian provides music for conferences, retreats and concerts throughout the United States. A versatile musician, Brian also provides music for weddings and funerals.

In 1999 Brian released his first solo album, entitled “Built on Faith.” In the spring of 2004, Brian released his second album, “In the Sight of the Angels.” He is currently working on his third album of original songs. Many of Brian’s songs have been featured on Catholic Radio stations across the United States. He has also been featured several times on EWTN. Brian really has a knack for weaving solid, Catholic teaching into his songs in a contemporary way that goes straight to the heart. Brian has been given a true gift from God to accompany his voice on many instruments, including the piano, guitar and organ. He also enjoys playing the tin whistle, fiddle, accordian, drums, harmonica, and trumpet. Brian’s prayer is that, you, too will be led closer to Jesus through his gift of music. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!


If you wonder whether Brian is able to touch people with his music — I’ve also ‘copped’ these comments from the web:

“I’m a stay-at-home mom and Brian’s music really helps to jumpstart my day. Cooking dinner and mopping the floor can be very spiritual moments with Brian’s music playing in the background.”

Kay Westphalia, MI

“I really like Brian Flynn’s music. I like his voice. I know a few of his songs by heart. When I listen to his music during school, I do my work better. I really want his 2 CDs for my birthday.” Emma, 8 , Pewamo, MI

“Brian’s music is so uplifting and powerful. I honestly feel closer to God when I listen to his songs. I am always moved with the lyrics…each one sends a different, yet truly powerful message, which never cease to draw you closer to His Son.”

Elizabeth W. MI

“Brian Flynn’s music is a joy to listen to! I have recommended all of his music to my friends. His singing is capable of touching anyone!”

Travis Bengal, MI

“I have all of Brian’s albums and I love them and listen to them frequently! His talents cover many styles of music, from traditional and meditative to more contemporary and jazzy — and he does the whole range very well. I am anxiously awaiting his next album to see what the Lord has put on his heart to share with us!”

Michael G, MI

“As a young marketing professional, the need for good wholesome music is very important for the success of my position and my family. Brian’s music is a breath of Catholic fresh air on those long, difficult days and a wonderful Christian augmentation to the good ones. Thanks Brian…..and keep the CD’s coming!”
Jesse – Norwalk, Ohio.

“About six years ago, I started going to a Youth Group in Westphalia, Michigan, my local town. We would have Bible Study every Sunday night. This was a critical time in my life where I really needed God and needed to expand my faith. Music has always had a deep impact on me spiritually. Brian Flynn always led us in song, as every Bible Study would begin. He opened my heart with his voice and song so I was able to allow God to work within my spirit during the study. I could never be grateful enough for that.”

Amber Feldpausch, MI

“Back in May of 2006, my husband Neil and I exchanged our wedding vows. It was no question that we needed Brian Flynn as our musician for the wedding. He did an amazing job with vocals, piano and even the trumpet. We have always respected his advice on music for a Catholic Mass. Brian has always left the congregation with a deep sense of Christ within the Mass. To Neil and me it was important that everyone reflected on the true meaning of the Sacrament of Marriage and Brian makes that happen.”

Amber Feldpausch, MI

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