Catholic Vitamin F Flux

Ewing Family 2015Well, yes, Deacon Tom and Dee are in a state of FLUX. But not our special guest: Jeannie Ewing. Jeannie is a wife, mother and author. And her visit to CV is to introduce us to her latest book FROM GRIEF TO GRACE: The Journey From Tragedy to Triumph.

Sound heavy duty? Well, Jeannie does share some heavy duty experiences that she and her husband have been challenged with. This book shares Jeannie’s journey along the path from awakening to upset and pain… to strong depressive feelings to grief and the recovery from a most unexpected problem attendant to the birth of their daughter Sarah.

Just a few pages into her book, Deacon Tom read the Prologue and I was hooked. This is a book for anyone who themselves faces heavy duty upset — whether in their own life, or in the life of someone that you might be living with. What you can learn from this book can be applied to your life or it gives instructions for helping in other’s lives.

Published by Sophia Institute Press, you can find the book through their website ( or through the various places where Jeannie is on-line. One of these is   Say hi from us to Jeannie when you reach out.

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