Catholic Vitamin F Formula

Ever feel abandoned by God? Ever seem like sins are making a spiritual racket in your life? Meet and re-meet a joyful spiritual ‘coach’ — and author — and speaker — LISA MLADINICH. She gives us the FORMULA for finding true happiness and overcoming many of the struggles and pitfalls each of us may experience.

Did you ever hear of the Amazing Catechists project? That was started by Lisa and so we go back in time (to 2010) for one of our ‘best of’ interviews… But then, we catchup with Lisa for what she’s doing these days. There is no moss growing on this lady… she is ‘Catholic vitamin powered’ and doing lots of work in the vineyard. One of her quotes was that without even trying, she finds God opening new doors for her, and all she has to do is willing to step through them. Could that be true for you as well? To connect with Lisa, go to

Dear friends – this is our 399th episode of Catholic Vitamins. Next will be our 400th anniversary show. We’re offering a fairly expensive CD set as a free drawing gift for one of our listeners. Listen to this show and send an email to ┬áif you’d like to have your name put in for this drawing.

On this show, we also shared that we’ve started ‘streaming’ our Catholic radio station on the worldwide web. If you’d like to hear what we sound like in north central Arizona, go to this web link:


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