Catholic Vitamin F Fortitude

Skipper John LillisAbandoned at birth, but thankfully adopted. He grew up in the ‘belly of the beast’ in San Francisco — where it was all too easy as he lost his moorings for a while. He’s JOHN LILLIS, a ‘revert’ to Catholicism who has had many areas requiring FORTITUDE. Among them bringing Catholic Radio on-line and on the air right across the street from an abortuary. Looking out his radio studio window, John Lillis people of all faiths to come pray outside the center where abortions were taking place. How’s that for ‘targeted’ prayers?

Today, he’s the ‘Skipper’ of LIFEBOAT COFFEE COMPANYLifeboat Coffeea pro-life, good-taste company that gives back 10% of the price of every pound of coffee purchased — with the donations going to pregnancy centers, unwed mother homes — in fact, any pro-life good cause you can recommend – they will receive the proceeds. The website for this great effort is  The toll-free number for ordering coffee or for questions is 855-884-5433. 

Thanks also to Marianna Bartholomew for another great Missionary Moment reaching all the way to India. And to Sonja Corbitt, PHD. That’s Pretty Heavy Duty, and she’s our on-fire Scriptural Evangelista. Blessings and Valentine’s greetings to both of our correspondents.

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