Catholic Vitamin F Fragrance

Know what ‘Osmogenesia‘ means? Try using that in Words with Friends. That word means the ‘odor of sanctity’ — also known as the FRAGRANCE of a holy person – a saint. That’s the theme of this show — and our returning guest is perhaps not yet a fragrant saint – but KIM COOKTake-That-291x300 is a new author. This in addition to daily prayer, sincerely working on keeping a hubby happy, keeping up with 3 children under three (can you spell Yikes?), and being a blogger and writer over at the Catholic Mom website.

Why did Kim agree to visit with us again on Catholic Vitamins? We’re delighted to help Kim announce her new (Holy Spirit inspired) book MOMMY, MOMMY WHEN YOU PRAY. It started one night a year or so ago when Kim couldn’t sleep. She prayed… well, why not listen to this episode of CV?

Marianna BatholomewMarianna Bartholomew adds a beautiful tribute to a recently deceased priest. A reminder of the gift of the priesthood given to us by Jesus. And Sonja Corbitt is with us with another exposition on the Bible.  Sonja Corbitt

Blessings. May there be a holy fragrance following your faith walk in life.


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