Catholic Vitamin F Fresh

She is definitely FRESH! Fresh as in wholesome. Fresh as in sweet. Fresh as in a beautiful ‘flower’ gift from the Lord. Her name is FRANCESCA LAROSA and she’s our guest on this episode of Catholic Vitamins.

And Indiana young woman, raised by a musically talented family, and who met at least weekly to praise God at Mass. Francesca learned to play the piano at a quite young age — knowing that she had a great love of Jesus and wanted to express that love at Mass and other liturgical events.

Francesca has composed music to go with traditional Catholic prayers and psalms — but she’s also composed her own beautiful music. Deacon Tom came to tears when he first listened to Francesca’s LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE – a song composed during Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.

Visit her website ( and see her great work with young women… sharing a message that is just like the themes of the late St. Pope John Paul II.

Francesca – thank you for the gift of your testimony and your God-given talent.

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