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Iron-on Scriptures 2No age discrimination intended — but if a grandma can come up with a simple idea to lead people to a more FRUITFUL love and appreciation for Scripture… well… listen and meet PRISCILLA SANTI — a woman in love with God’s inspired Scripture — and the creator of IRON ON SCRIPTURES.

One of the segments we have on Catholic Vitamins from time to time is to bring you an interview with someone ‘down the pew,’ — so to speak. We feel there are wonderful stories from people we may only smile at as we give them the Sign of Peace at Mass. But if we stop to get to know them – we can find folks who love Jesus, His Mother and the Bible. Such was my encounter with Priscilla. People were visiting her display at the recent Charismatic Conference in Phoenix. And they were buying many of her elegant but simple Iron-On-Scriptures… Small little ‘cloth signs’ for your clothes, for your children, grandchildren, sports teams, bowling teams — Just use your imagination. Visit Priscilla at  or you can call her at 847-962-7307. Tell her ‘the Deacon’ sent you 🙂  Iron-On Scripture 1

We want to also acknowledge a wonderful friend of ours, Sandy G. who has contributed two reflections for Catholic Vitamins. Sandy has been diagnosed with ALS – Lou Gehrig’s disease, and so she is forced to use a computerized speaking device. But she blesses us this way, as she blessed us in our parish life when we lived in the same community. Thank you Sandy. Drop in to Catholic Vitamins again and again.

And continuing thanks to Professor (and musician) Bob Rice from Franciscan University for allowing us to play his music. The closing song ‘Let This Be A Church Again’ is one that touches my heart — and it can be taken multiple ways. Bob’s website is Please visit and purchase some of his music.

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