Catholic Vitamin F2: Family 2

Our first Catholic Vitamin F for Family show featured an Arizona couple, Bob and Darlene Closs. They were parents of thirteen children — ‘Dar’ said that she was pregnant of lactating for 25 years 🙂 We had so much good feedback from that show.

Well, today’s podcast is for Catholic Vitamin F2 — Family II and our guests are this neat young couple, John and Heather Hack. They are podcasters on their own show, The Catholic Family Journal. The top picture you see here is (about) how they look now. But we reached into a secret vault and found the picture below — can you remember being this young? And this in love?

Heather and John were married in Georgia in 2005, and in recent times, John took a new career position in the Greensboro, NC area. Just like Deacon Tom and Dee, the Hack’s have four children – two boys and two girls. (Ours came in this order girl, girl, boy, boy).  

If you visit the Hack’s website ( you’ll see pictures of their wonderful young family and get a bit of knowledge about the things they like to do.

Thank you John and Heather — we have (spiritually) adopted you into our Catholic Family 🙂

Thanks to Brian Flynn and World Library Publications ( for permission to play various music from Brian’s exciting new album BORN AGAIN. You can find ordering information and contact data for Brian at  Born Again: this is a GREAT ALBUM


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