Catholic Vitamin F2 Fidelity

What? How can a Church save a marriage? Meet Dr. David Anders. He is host of the popular radio and television program, Called to Communion, aired on EWTN Global Catholic Network. Earlier in his life, he was a self-admitted proud and arrogant Christian… a former Calvinist. He is now a Catholic catechist, speaker, and writer living in Birmingham, AL. He and his wife, Jill, have been married 25 years and have five wonderful children and three dogs.

And what’s this about the marriage? Chapter One of Dr. Anders new book is titled I HATE YOU! At one time in their union, this was the state of affairs in a marriage between two professed Christians? End the marriage? Dr. Anders said that his mom always told him: “Divorce? Never. Murder? Possibly.” 🙂

If you have enjoyed or want to enjoy a perfect marriage — may it be so. But if you’ve had troubles… or if you’re a realist about wanting a ‘perfect marriage’ – you’ll enjoy this journey story, woven with teachings and beauty our awesome Catholic Faith.

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH SAVED MY MARRIAGE is available from EWTN, Amazon and other fine booksellers.

You can reach out to and follow Dr. Anders by going to

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