Catholic Vitamin G Gain

27 years ago, a former cop lies dying of cancer. His name? TERRY SAUNDERS. A good and holy man from his parish brings Holy Communion to Terry. The Eucharistic minister is nicknamed ‘FRANCIS.’ The minister gives Terry Holy Communion… he tells Terry that he (the minister) loves him… and that JESUS loves Terry. Further – Francis lays hands on Terry.

27 years later — the healthy Terry is now DEACON TERRY SAUNDERS and his bishop has made him the Director of the first stage of the study and gathering the documentation for the life of IRVING ‘FRANCIS’ HOULE. A new cause for possible sainthood in our awesome Catholic Church. Oh, and by the way – Irving Francis Houle had the STIGMATA… the wounds of Christ on his hands. Seen and witnessed by thousands…. and thousands have been prayed over by Irving – as he tells everyone how much Jesus loves them.

People have been healed. People have immediately gone back to Confession after 30 years and more. Marriages and families have been reconciled.

THIS IS ONE OF THE TOP FIVE INTERVIEWS EVER on Catholic Vitamins. We invite you to GAIN a new level of belief in the Lord Jesus, His Mother, the Catholic Church and the reality of mystics in our lives.

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